We are raising funds to build a tortoise infirmary

The Tortoise Breeding and Rehabilitation Centre often receives severely injured, sick or weak patients. They have unclosed wounds, infections, fractures, missing parts of the body or are very weak. Among these tortoises prevail the victims on the road, whose wounds are most severe and slowly treatable. All they need a long time for recovery. They remain under observation,  treatment, and care during the winter and do not hibernate. The weakest and sickest babies hatched in the autumn which could hardly survive the winter are put inside and are also under observation.

Their recovery is usually a slow and lengthy process, especially in artificial conditions when confined to a room. Good basic conditions are required for their treatment, including appropriate temperature, humidity, and lighting. The most important factor for tortoise recovery is the heat. Currently they are housed in a small sized room, with poor thermal insulation and therefore difficult to heat. To help these patients, now we need your help.

We accept tortoises injured on the road with broken shells, which we fix using different tools, in this case – bee wax and fixing units.

To deal with this problem, we need a well-insulated and heat-retaining place to accommodate and treat our patients. We have started to construct a building with thermal panels divided into two recovery rooms. Currently, building work is underway, but we do not have the funds to complete it.

We need 15 985 leva (1 EUR = 1.95 BGN ) to finish it. This includes:

Construction workPrice, BGN
Metal structure              5250
Roof panels 80 mm.1680
Wall panels 100 mm.3055
Edge-shaped metal950
Electricity installation1200
VAT 20 %2400

We appeal  you to support us for helping the tortoises! Help us with donation or by sharing our campaign!

The tortoise infirmary building is under construction

Why should you donate?

With your donation, you put a brick or wall on the recovery room where hundreds of tortoises will heal and reside every winter before get healthy to nature. By donating, you become a tortoise friend and you are always welcome in our Rescue Center to visit us, to get acquainted to the tortoises and our work, and to see what we build with your donation. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

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Thank you for your support!

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