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Life in a shell is thought to be safe. What happens when tortoise’s shell cracks? Tortoise can’t escape when danger threatens it? We are going to tell you Costa’s  happy ending story as he sees it to make people understand how we help him and other tortoises.  It is part of our fundraising campaign for building a tortoise infirmary. You can help, support us and spread our campaign to more people, because winter is coming, our patients are housed in our exposition hall and we need the infirmary before it freezes to move the tortoises to the warm and safe place. Let’s see what heapened to Costa:

Hi, I’m Costa the tortoise. I’m going to tell you my story. I lived in a beautiful forest with many other tortoises. One day, chainsaws were growled and the forest was burnt to the ground. I turned out to be homeless. In search of a new home, I came across unfamiliar places – scary, deserted and foreign. A child found me and his family took me to captivity. I tried every day to escape and I succeed, but I came across a road with cars whirring around. I was so scared, I couldn’t move and I was badly injured. It was so painful. A car stopped and people took me to the Rescue Tortoise Center in Banya village.

This place accommodates hundreds of injured and sick tortoises found among people. Iva and Ivo – the Centre’s team treat tortoises like me until recovering and then they release us back to the wild. Some of us don’t leave the Centre at all because they’re disabled and couldn’t survive outside. Other tortoises come to the place of the released, all fellows in distress – some with wounds, others with burns, with bites, or damaged by life in captivity.

My wound is very deep, my shell is cracked and will not heal so fast. Iva and Ivo said I’m shouldn’t hibernate. There are a lot of tortoises like me. Now we live in the exhibition room in a big terrarium. They promised to move us in a new infirmary, and we would not miss anything during the winter. And in the spring we will be out under the sun again, and enjoy the green grass. Until then, Iva and Ivo – will take care of us. They rush to complete our infirmary before winter – a thermal house, warm and cozy, with private space.

Ivo and Iva help these extinct ancient animals to survive. About 300 tortoises from all over the country pass through the Centre each year, more than 200 babies are hatched and released. This place has existed for 14 years and saved more than 6,000 tortoises so far. If you consider their cause makes sense and deserves attention and support, give them a hand, because they cannot provide the funds.

The construction of the infirmary will cost 13855 BGN (1 EUR = 1.95 BGN ) and includes: metal construction and thermal panels, windows and water and electicity supply.

Why should you donate?

With your donation, you put a brick or wall on the infirmary where hundreds of tortoises will heal and reside every winter before get ready to turn back to nature. By donating, you become a tortoise friend and you are always welcome in our Rescue Center to visit us, to get acquainted to the tortoises and our work, and to see what we build with your donation. 

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